A Strong Foundation for Lifelong Learning


Kindergartners Have Fun While Learning the Basics - Reading, Writing, and Math - and Exploring So Much More!

Children entering K3, K4, and K5 come to school with exploring minds, open hearts, and active bodies. Therefore, our kindergarten means more than just fun and games . . . it lays the groundwork for all future learning . . . academically, physically, socially, and spiritually.

ERA kindergarten students begin the day with creative play until time to start Bible class. Often their favorite class, the children learn and enjoy Bible stories, songs, prayer time, scripture memorization, and patriotism. Our caring teachers emphasize God's love throughout the day.

East Rankin kindergartners will learn to read phonetically and write independently (manuscript in K3 and K4 and cursive in K5). Beginning with letter sounds, they progress to reading blends, short words, sentences, and stories in their own reading books. Their vocabulary, comprehension, and language skills are expanded as they learn about famous people, animals in God's creation, and faraway places in God's world.

Math class includes learning to recognize and understand number concepts. Students then progress to simple addition and subtraction, telling time, counting money, basic geometry, story problems and "computer' math.

Planned integration of a variety of sensory activities strengthens eye-hand coordination, fine and gross motor skills, and visual and auditory perception. Enrichment classes for K3, K4, and K5 are weekly visits to our Apple Mac Computer Lab, Avery Gordon Math and Science Discovery Lab, Art Class, Elementary Library, Music Class, and P.E. Class. Multiple play activities are available during daily recesses in the playroom, on the playground, or in the gymnasiums to allow opportunities for our kindergartners to move, run, and play.

All kindergarten classrooms are equipped with LCD projectors and screens, document cameras, and flat screens. K3, K4, and K5 classroom learning is enhanced with iPad Kiosk Stations, a variety of puzzles and manipulatives, learning fun games, visual-listening activities, and hands-on learning.


Some Highlights in Kindergarten   

  • Before School Care - This service is available beginning at 7:00am (no charge).
  • After School Care - This service is available from 2:30-5:45pm (extra cost).
  • Summer Care - This service is available for students in K3-4th grades. (extra cost).  
  • Speech Therapy - This free service is available at kindergarten (for those who qualify).  
  • Hot Lunches - Students may bring a lunch or order a hot lunch (provided by Valley Foods).
  • Homecoming Parade - K3-12th students may wear Homecoming shirts and march down town (students ride trains) for family and friends to watch.  
  • Grandparents Day - Grandparents and 'substitute" grandparents are invited to see their grandchildren in "active learning' at our school.
  • Donuts for Dads and Muffins for Moms - K3 and K4 parents are invited in April for a classroom visit and fellowship in the dining hall with other K3 and K4 parents.
  • Music Programs - In December, K5 students will present To Bethlehem . . .
  • In April, K3 and K4 students will present Noah's Zoo . . . on stage for family and friends.
  • End-of-Year FUN Day - Inflatables are provided for jumping fun for all K3, K4 and K5 students.