Our elementary school builds a foundation on the groundwork laid in kindergarten. In 1st-6th grade, Bible class is taught the first half hour and integrated throughout the school day.
In the lower elementary classes, East Rankin students improve their phonetic reading skills and extend their reading comprehension and vocabulary. In the lower grades, reading skills are practiced and strengthened during reading circle time and in reading literature, science, and history for third grade and above. Critical thinking is emphasized in mathematics, language arts, and Bible.

Elementary students participate in enrichment classes each week. Enrichment classes for 1st-6th graders include the Apple Mac Computer Lab, Elementary Library, P.E. Classes, Music Class, Art Class, and our Avery Gordon Math and Science Discovery Lab. 

All elementary classrooms are equipped with LCD projectors with screens, document cameras, and flat screens. Chrome Book and iPad mobile carts are available for classroom use.

Special Highlights in Elementary

  •     BeforeSchool Care – Available beginning at 7:00am (no charge).
  •     AfterSchool Care – Available from 3:00-5:45pm (see fee schedule for extra cost).
  •     Summer Care – Available for K3-4th grade students.(see fee schedule for extra cost.)    
  •     Speech Therapy – Available during the school day for students who qualify.
  •     Dyslexia Therapy - Available two days a week for students who qualify.
  •     Resources Classes - Additional academic help provided by resource teachers.  
  •     Hot Lunches – Students may bring a lunch or order a hot lunch (provided by Valley Foods).
  •     Homecoming Parade – K3-12th students may wear Homecoming t-shirts and march downtown (K3, K4, and K5 students ride trains)for        family and friends to watch.
  •     Grandparents Day –  Grandparents and “substitute” grandparents are invited to visit our school to see to their grandchildren in “active          learning.”  
  •     Elementary Programs–
    •     "Living Biographies" (Great Americans) - 5th Grade
    •     “America Sings” (Patriotic Program) – 4th Grade
    •     “God of This City” (Local Missions Program) – 3rd Grade
    •     “He’s Still Working on Me” (Spiritual Growth) – 2nd Grade
    •     “Christ Arose” (Easter Program) – 1st Grade
  • End-of-Year FUN Day– Inflatables are provided for jumping fun for 1st-6th grades