Activities and Camps

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Little Dribbler Basketball
Mini Cheer Camp
Patriots Dribblers

Student Activities, Camps, Contests, and Workshops

A variety of activities, camps, contests, and workshops at East Rankin provide extracurricular opportunities for students to exhibit, improve and advance their skills.


Petite Cheerleaders (Grades 1-2)

Mini Cheerleader Camps (Grades 1-3. Grades 4-6)

Cheerleader Camps (Grades 7-12)

Homecoming Presentation (1st Grade)

Homecoming Presentation (Grades 9-12)

Little Dribblers (New next year for K5)

Dribbling Camp (Grades 1-2)

Elementary Basketball Camp (Grades 3-6)

Elementary Softball Camp (Grades 3-5)

Elementary Baseball Camp (Grades 3-6)

Elementary Fall Tennis Clinic (Grades 1-6)

Elementary Tennis Camps (Grades 1-3, Grades 4-6)

Athletic Camps (Grades 7-12)

Elementary Art Contests (K4, K5, Grades 1-6)

Spelling Bees (Grades 4-8)

Elementary Quiz Bowl Camps (Grades 3-6)

Junior High Quiz Bowl Camps (Grades 7-8)


Elementary Cheer Camp